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Regular dental examinations are extremely important for your good health in the long run. The best way, if not the sole way, to prevent the likelihood of any dental health disorders is to prepare a scheduled routine every year and see your doctor in urgent basis – regardless of whether you are facing any dental problems or not. Most experts recommend a checkup is necessary at least once in every five-six months.

We provide a complete evaluation of dental health for people of all age groups – kids, teens, adults and aged. The consultation and examination includes a thorough dental check up, gum disease screening, cavity detection, imaging, diagnostic X-rays besides others.

In other words, the consultation and examination includes a complete review of your custom medical and dental history, reading any previous digital X-rays, and a complete oral health examination. The core aim is to diagnose the problem area and recommend the best treatment option.

Minor treatment procedures and treatments can be performed on the day you visit; whereas complex treatment plans or for patients with complicated medical treatment history might need a second appointment for treatment.

Important notes for your initial appointment

  • If you have been referred by your family doctor, please bring along the referral slip and any x-rays they have taken
  • Please bring your doctor’s prescription that mentions the name of all prescription medications you are using
  • Please inform us of any past medical history, including high fever
  • Patients under 18 years of age must come to the clinic with their parents or legal guardian.


A dental consultation and examination help you evaluate any dental disorder. Should you want to use the preventive dental care service, please feel free to contact our specialized dental care clinic today!

Dental X-rays

teeth x-ray

A regular dental examination performed by a professional dentist through manual methods do not always detect the hidden disorders that might be responsible for any inherent dental health complication.

That’s why Dental X-rays or dental radiographs play a vitally important role that serves as an essential, diagnostic tool to provide valuable information not visible during a manual dental exam. Dentists and dental hygienists use this specialized information to safely pinpoint hidden dental abnormalities and complete an adequate treatment plan. Without a necessary x-ray, the hidden dental problem might stay undetected.

A dental X-ray when performed properly can help detect –

  • Cysts
  • Bone loss
  • Cancerous and non-cancerious tumors
  • Teeth decay
  • Development abnormalities
  • Poor root position
  • Poor tooth position
  • Problems under the gum line

These are just a few of the some abnormalities that can be detected using a dental X-ray. Detecting and treating dental disorder at early stage can help you save time, money, effort in the long run.

Do you have this question before a dental scheduled dental X-ray?

Are dental X-rays safe?

This is a valid question to ask, but you should be completely at peace knowing that the exposure of a full mouth x-ray is equal to the amount of radiation a human receives from natural sources in a single day. The amount of dental x-ray radiation is considered to be safe. Add to this, dentists take a number of precautionary measures to ensure the safety benchmarks before performing an X-ray such as using a lead apron shield to safeguard the body, and using fast films that reduces the exposure time of radiation.

We provide dental x-rays using sophisticated tools and technologies to ensure complete safety of patients. Should you want us to contact you with more information you can request a call back. You can also give us a call to learn more about dental X-ray procedures.

Dental cleaning and polishing

teeth cleaning and polishing

Dental cleaning and polishing is the process of removing plaque ( a soft, sticky layer of built-up bacteria, food and saliva ) and hard tartar (calculus) deposits which have over the time developed on the teeth. Human teeth are regularly bathed in saliva which have calcium and other hard substances that assist in the formation of stronger, solid teeth.

While this is good, the sad fact is regular exposure of this builds calcium deposits (a chalky substance) on the teeth, which can vary from black to brown in colour. Over the time, the gradual build-up of this deposit will help bacteria to thrive on your teeth and gums.

The purpose of cleaning and polishing is basically to remove the tartar and limit the likelihood of bacteria to thrive so that you can enjoy a perfect dental health.

We offer professional dental cleaning and polishing services using proper care and using the latest tools and technologies. We use ultrasonic instrumentation, finer hand tools or hard instrumentation and polishing so that every stage of your dental cleaning and polishing is professionally taken care of – without you having to worry about literally anything.

Our minimal, non-invasive treatment procedure to remove the calcium deposits on your teeth is proven to helpful for patients of all age groups. You are not likely to feel any painful sensation while the procedure is put into action. In fact, most of our patients say they enjoy the entire process and feel great post the polishing. Your first polishing might take more time than future polishing. However; should you have any preferences and restrictions and health conditions that might impact the process of polishing, you must inform us beforehand.

Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry

What your eat is what your teeth are. How healthy your teeth is how healthy your overall health is. Life today is extremely busy, and everyone is occupied with their predefined goals. This has made taking proper care of health a big challenge. It is natural for you to forget brushing twice daily or flossing daily, let alone seeing your dentist at least twice a year. But, gradual and a steady delay in dental health management might bring a lot if issues in the future.

If you do not take care of your dental health today, you might need to invest more money, effort and time in the future taking care of them. That’s why, as an informed, careful and sensitive human being, it is your duty to take preventive dentistry seriously. With preventive techniques, your dentist can catch tooth decay, periodontal diseases and other problems at their early stage and restore your oral health as quick as they can – thereby limiting the likelihood of any future issues.

A great part of preventive dentistry is actually rests on you. If you brush twice daily, eat a moderate diet, floss daily; you can actually limit the need to visit your dentist for emergency oral health. However, if you visit your dentist for preventive dentistry regularly, along with taking care of yourself, you always stay in the safe side and multiply the chances of never being stuck by any major oral health condition.

We provide professional preventive dentistry services to informed people who want to secure a bright future while enjoying today.

The procedures of preventive health include –

  1. Cleanings
  2. Dental Sealants
  3. Fluoride
  4. Mouthguards
  5. Oral Cancer Screenings
  6. X-rays

The entire goal in our preventive dental care is to ensure you do not need to visit us in the future for emergency dental problems and enjoy a completely holistic, safe and sound health starting from today!

Call us or send us an email to schedule an appointment for preventive dental health!

Restorative dentistry

Restorative dentistry is the study, diagnosis and integrated management of dental/oral diseases of the teeth and their aligned structures and thereby the rehabilitation of the dentition to functional stages of the individual. A restorative dentistry requires dental skills endodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics.

We offer restorative dentistry services using the most modern tools and technologies and powered by a team of expert dentists, staff and clinical experts. Our services are great fit for patients affected by developmental disorders and who require multidisciplinary care, who underwent radiotherapy and need special care, who have had traumatic injuries to their face, mouth and teeth, who sustained damages caused by gum tooth decay, gum disease etc. and who have severe medical and surgical problems.

Our service spectrum

  • Dental Crowns
  • Crown & Bridgework
  • Esthetic Fillings
  • Air Abrasion and Micro Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentures

We offer restorative dentistry services leveraging on our industry know-how, expert resources, latest tools and technologies and using our specialized team of dentists, hospital staff and trained professionals.

Should you want to schedule a consultation with us please feel free to contact us!

Fluoride Therapy

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